Friday, November 18, 2005

Crystal Palace

The Great Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations, 1851

Crystal Palace Home of the Great Exhibition
The Great Exhibition of 1851 was the first International Exhibition ever held. Promoted by Prince Albert it was intended to help understanding and brotherhood between nations and so aid peace. Set in Hyde Park it was a huge three-tiered glass building and enclosed full-grown elm trees.

Exhibition Statistics
The Exhibition lasted 141 days and in that time six million people visited the Crystal Palace. The centrally placed exhibition situated in a far more accessible venue than the British Millennium Dome of 2000, attracted everyone from schoolboy to Queen to the well behaved.

Entrance Costs to the Great Exhibition
The Prince was thrilled that people of all types, all classes and all ages came from Britain and abroad. Whole parish parties visited and a Cornish woman walked the two hundred and fifty miles to see the Exhibition's wonders. Admission prices varied according to the date. There was a day and a ticket price to suit everyone. It varied from 3 guineas a day, £1 a day, five shillings a day, down to one shilling a day. The one shilling ticket was a huge success with the industrial classes, and four and a half million shillings were taken.

A Foreign Experience
Visitors were genuinely interested in the exhibits as many gave an opportunity to see exhibits that were only ever likely to be seen on an expensive foreign tour. Everything was for the entertainment of curious eyes and minds. A touch of the exotic was introduced and for the first time many people tasted set jelly and ice cream.

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